In the month of January, we’re taking 100 percent responsibility for our lives and our happiness. This week we’re challenged to bring that principle to our careers and the workplace. Are you happy with what you do at work? Do you bring a passion to the workplace? Are you satisfied with your career choice? Are you financially satisfied with where you are in your company? If you answered “no,” to any of these, it might be time for a change. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go and quit your job or close your business. It just means it’s time to think of ways to bring more fulfillment into what you do. Create a passion, so to speak. If you must be at work for eight to ten hours a day, you may as well love what you do. Much like with your spouses or significant others, your career is like a marriage.

So this week’s double-dare yourself and think about ways to make a change. If you’re just unsatisfied with the work that you do in general, brainstorm with your boss about what things you can do to bring more fulfillment in the workplace. If you’re a business owner and you’re finding yourself restless, maybe it’s time to take that business to the next level. Perhaps you want to create a product line or engage and partner-up with some other businesses that can support you in your endeavors to grow. Whatever it is, let it be something that you have a passion for, that brings fulfillment in life. All it takes is courage.