Once you’ve figured out a fitness program, you need to stay motivated to continue with it. One of the differences between a person who exercises regularly and a person who doesn’t is motivation. These tips can help you put on your sneakers instead of turning on the television:

  • Make exercise a priority. When you plan your week, schedule time for exercise, and treat it like an appointment that you can’t break.
  • Track your workouts. Try marking an X on your calendar every day that you work out. This may give you a sense of accomplishment, which will help you keep going.
  • Keep an exercise diary. Another way to monitor your workouts is with an exercise diary. Note how long and how far you bike or walk, how much weight you lift or how many laps you swim. Or, if you own a computer, you may want to keep track on a spreadsheet. This record may help motivate you to keep going.
  • Join an event. Sign up for a fitness event such as a 5K run, a charity bike ride or walkathon. Getting in shape to compete in a race can be a good motivator. A charity event can be motivating because when you cross the finish line, other people will benefit, too.
  • Exercise with a partner. Finding a friend to share your workouts gives you a chance to be social while you get fit. Knowing that your friend is relying on you will help keep you motivated.